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A Message From PIA's President

September 2016


When you are fortunate enough to serve as PIA’s national president, you get to visit with many PIA members at many PIA Affiliates across this great country. And I sincerely appreciate the gracious hospitality that was extended to me by each and every one of you! One thing I found from all my travels is that people from every part of the country all want the same things.  

In cities and rural areas, from coast to coast, and through America’s heartland, PIA members share a common set of values and aspirations.

PIA members want to better serve their clients.

PIA members have the entrepreneurial spirit.

PIA members care about their communities, and they want to give back.

When disasters like floods and hurricanes strike, PIA members don’t ask, “What can be done?” They ask, “What can we do?”

In August, when catastrophic floods struck Louisiana, PIA members stepped up. The PIA Insurance Foundation re-opened its Disaster Relief Fund to help—as it has many times throughout the years.

There’s a reason that PIA has thrived over the years: we are resilient. We have a strong set of common values and optimism for the future.

We never hesitate to ‘fight the good fight.’ We believe in our industry, our communities and our country. No matter where they live, PIA people are good, caring people. Our clients know this, and so do our carriers.

PIA presidents are like members of a relay team. We get to carry the baton for a year—then hand it off to one of our teammates. The time has come for the next handoff of the PIA president’s baton, from myself to the very capable hands of my friend and colleague, Gary Blackwell of Maine.

What an amazing journey it has been, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have represented this great association as your president this past year. Thank you for allowing me to serve you. And remember: I am PIA…WE are PIA!


Robert W. Hansen, Jr.