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The PIA Partnership consists of insurance companies that conduct research projects and deliver products to PIA members approximately every 12-18 months.

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Product Deliverables

Cyber 101: This comprehensive educational resource was created to help educate agents and their clients about the seven most common cyber risks (fraudulent funds transfer, extortion/ransomware, social engineering, business interruption, data breach/privacy, network security, and website media liability) faced by small and mid-sized businesses as well as the business practices and insurance coverages that can reduce those risks. New topics are covered monthly and include an interactive topic-specific claims example that educates the loss risk to clients, 1-page PDF explaining the risk, and a 30-minute PIA member-only webinar, agents can also find customizable general cyber educational resources on the website. Launched December 4, 2017.

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Small Business Insurance & The Internet — The Voice of the Commercial Lines Customer: This extensive research project examines the perspective of small business owners as they make insurance choices and receive value added service in today’s online world. The research found that while choosing a professional independent agent continues to be their clear preference, small businesses are adapting to change and they want their agents to adapt with them. Launched August 10, 2015.

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    Closing the Gap – Growth & Profit:. Agencies using this new tool begin with calculators created to project their sales and revenue, comparing various ways in which their own retention rates, premium rates and commissions factor into agency profitability. Agencies can create “what if” scenarios and improve their bottom-line results by adjusting factors including improved retention, increased sales goals and ramping up account-rounding activities. Agencies are then offered three turn-key approaches for use in their own agencies to achieve their goals. (These turn-key tools were released in December 2013.)

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    Agency Touch Points:. Research conducted by The PIA Partnership shows that insurance customers want what independent agents offer. Members can take a 6-question quiz and access a variety of revenue building tools and resources they can use to maximize their "touch point" opportunities with customers and prospects.

    Perpetuation Central:.This resource center assists members with perpetuation, business succession and ownership transfer. It offers step-by-step guidance and assistance in identifying issues to be considered, creating a plan and locating available resources.

    Practical Guide to Successful Planning:. This online reference and resource center assists agents in planning their efforts within their own agencies and coordinating those plans as they work with the carriers they represent. Just select your own starting point and proceed from there!

    Reaching Gen Yand Making the Internet Work for You:. By conducting research and analyzing the results, The PIA Partnership produced this online tool that helps agents understand the issues and opportunities with "Reaching Gen Y."