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Discover the Power of Behavioral Insight with The Omnia Profile!


Our behavioral assessment, The Omnia Profile, gives you the insight to take the guesswork out of personnel decisions. Whether you are hiring a new employee, deciding on future roles for current employees, team building or creating a succession plan for your business, Omnia can help.

New Hires

Compare candidates to specific job expectations, your workplace culture, the manager, and up to three peers. Uncover each candidate’s compatibility and receive helpful management and coaching advice, along with bulleted strengths and challenges, follow up interview questions and an interview scorecard.

Transfer or Promotion

Compare internal candidates to new job expectations as well as others performing successfully in the role. Avoid promoting or transferring a star performer to an unsuitable position, and ultimately out of your organization.


Retention starts with understanding who you’ve got and what they need to get and stay engaged. Discover what motivates the unique personalities on your team, and what doesn’t. Understand the compatibility of each employee with the demands of their position and the cultural landscape of your workplace.

Succession Planning

Small business owners planning succession are faced with tough choices regarding the leadership of their business. The Omnia Profile helps you understand the natural strengths and development needs of those being considered to lead the company in the future.

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What else can the Omnia Profile do for you?

Career Planning
Team Building
Professional Partnering
Mergers and Acquisitions
Leadership Development


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