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OMNIA Employee Profiling

OMNIA Puts the Power in Manpower!

The OMNIA Profile® enables you to take the guesswork out of personnel decisions. Whether you are hiring a new employee, deciding on future roles for current employees, team building or creating a succession plan for your business, OMNIA can help.

***PIA members receive a free employee profile when they start to use Omnia's services.***

New Hires

OMNIA web ad -- horizontal 120x240 .gifCandidates will be compared to your specific performance expectations, compared to the workplace/environment in which the job will be performed, and compared to up to 3 prospective peer group members as well as a compatibility assessment of the prospective supervisor. Reports include specific tips to the supervisor as to how to focus and motivate each candidate.


To enable you to promote wisely within your organization, candidates will be compared to others performing successfully for you in the prospective position as well as OMNIA's database of thousands of profiles of managers performing well in that position.


OMNIA examines the compatibility of the employee with the demands of the position and the workplace, compatibility with team roles (if any), and compatibility with the supervisor's management style. Specific recommendations are made to increase compatibility in all areas.

Team Building

Some people need leadership roles and others need to be able to make a team contribution. Some people are natural communicators, analytics, coaches, mentors, checkers or double-checkers, worriers, wonderers and everything in between. Few managers want a team made up entirely of followers. When it comes to creating an effective team, knowledge certainly is power.

Career Planning

Not everyone should be a manager and not everyone has the patience and detail-orientation for research. Not everyone is content to complete their career doing forever what they are doing now. Most employees must believe that they and their employer agree on their personal growth and career steps; their motivation and retention depend on it.

Succession Planning/Perpetuation Planning

Owners of small businesses do not want their children to fail. Not everyone is meant to manage and lead. Often, it can be better to give kids a lesser role and a salary or sell out and give them the money. OMNIA can help you make this tough decision.


For more information about using OMNIA to improve your business, and to receive your free employee profile, please contact Carletta Neal at (800) 525-7117, extension 1226 or and let her know you’re a PIA member or visit