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File04-14-14 Excom MinutesFile
File2014 Excellence in Social Media FormFile
File2014 MGA of the Year FormFile
File2014 Company Rep of the year formFile
File2014 Company of the year formFile
FilePIAPAC Spring 2014 NewsletterFile
FilePAB Set #1 of Ref. MaterialsFile
FilePAB Set #2 of Ref. MaterialsFile
FilePAB Guide to Managing Young ProfessionalsFile
FileStan Logan PAB Shared ResourceFile
FileSet 3 of PAB Ref. MaterialsFile
FilePAB FLS Sign-in SheetsFile
FileSummary of PAB outcomes and action 09/10-09/13File
File03/26/14 Excom MinutesFile
File03/03/14 Excom MinutesFile
FilePat's Cyber Article – March ConnectionFile
FileMarch 26 Nominating Committee Agenda (Draft)File
FileMOP Election ProceduresFile
FileNominating Cmt NBD Rpt MarchFile
FileMarch 28 2014 PAB DRAFT AGENDAFile
FileMarch 2014 PAB Report to the National Board of DirectorsFile
FileSummary of Fall September 2013 PAB Meeting OutcomesFile
FileSummary Overview & Update of PAB Fall and Spring Meetings'File
FileHow to present your Agency (BIC)File
FileMarch 2014 BIC Report to Board of DirectorsFile
File02/11/14 Bic Agenda (Draft)File
File02/06/14 Excom MinutesFile
File01/13/14 Excom MinutesFile
File12/09/13 Excom MinutesFile
File11/18/13 Excom MinutesFile
File10/21/13 Excom MinutesFile
File09/18/13 Excom MinutesFile
FileNominating Committee FY 2013 Application for CandidateFile
FileNominating Committee FY 2013 Call for CandidatesFile
FileNominating Committee Letter to ChairsFile
FileNominating Committee 2014 Draft TimelineFile
FileNominating Committee FY 2014 OutlineFile
File02-18-14 Memo to Nominating CommitteeFile
FileBIC Member Survey DataFile
FileBIC Leadership Survey DataFile
FileSeptember 2013 BIC General ObservationsFile
FileBIC Update on .insure Domain IssueFile
FileTrades letter to NTIA re insureFile
FileJanuary 9, 2014 GAC MinutesFile
FileSeptember 20, 2014 PAB MinutesFile
FileFEMA W-14001 ChangesFile
FileHartford Flyer about Rolling a Flood Book .pdfFile
FileBIC Certs-Binder Summary January 2014File
FileMMM expert witness overview articleFile
FileBIC Agency operations – E-world & Agency Books or RecordsFile
FileBIC - practice considerations for members (health insurance/aca)File
FileBIC Marsh Report on ACA and D&O InsuranceFile
FileBIC E-Signatures (Draft)File
File2014 FLS Registration FormFile
File01/09/14 GAC AgendaFile