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Farm Bill Teeters on the Fiscal CliffNews Item
USDA RMA Administrator Bill Murphy Announces RetirementNews Item
Big Crop Insurance Payouts on TapNews Item
Kentucky Farmers Will Need Crop Insurance This YearNews Item
PIA National Crop Insurance Working Group Members Attend Crop ConferenceNews Item
Farm Bill to Expire, Won’t Affect Crop InsuranceNews Item
Despite Drought, Farm Income Should Rise, Crop Insurance HelpsNews Item
Farm Bill Stalls as Congress Goes on RecessNews Item
Crops Hurt, But Farmers Will Still Get PaidNews Item
Could Drought Cause First Crop Insurance Loss Since 2002?News Item
USDA Declares Largest-Ever Drought Disaster in 26 StatesNews Item
PIA Signs Crop Insurance Industry Letters to CongressNews Item
Drought Could Spell Steep Crop Insurance Losses: News Item
PIA Grassroots Alert on Farm Bill; Amendment PIA Opposed is DefeatedNews Item
Debate on Senate Farm Bill Underway, PIA Opposes AmendmentsNews Item
Crop Payouts Approach $11 Billion for 2011News Item
PIA Crop Agents Meet With Rep. Rick Berg (R-N.D.)News Item
PIA Crop Insurance Group Back on Capitol Hill This WeekNews Item
PIA Comments on Value of Crop Agents in American Agent & BrokerNews Item
PIA Crop Article in Cedar Rapids, IA Gazette, Grand Forks N.D. HeraldNews Item
Head of RMA Affirms Support of Crop Agents to PIANews Item
PIA Cautions Against Additional Crop Cuts in Wake of GAO ReportNews Item
PIA Crop Agents Prepare for a Long BattleNews Item
PIA to Senate: Don’t Cut Crop InsuranceNews Item
Crunch Time for Crop Insurance AgentsNews Item
PIA Crop Agents, Insurers Say Proposed Crop Cuts Are “Devastating”News Item
Crop Insurance Payouts Top $10 Billion in 2011News Item
PIA Agents Decry Attack by Federal Employees UnionNews Item
PIA’s Olson, McGillis Attend 2012 Crop Convention; More Cuts Announced News Item
PIA’s McGillis Elected to Second Term as President of Crop Agents BoardNews Item
Midwest Farmers Urged to Buy Crop Insurance Due to Dry WeatherNews Item
PIA Agents Decry Attack by Federal Employees UnionNews Item
Farmers Need Stable, Dependable Crop InsuranceNews Item
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