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PIA, NCOIL Urge Congress to Ensure Agents Are Included in Healthcare ReformNews Item
PIA Assists Industry Coalition Working to Oppose Sen. Leahy's Antitrust Repeal EffortNews Item
Senate Begins Debate on Healthcare ReformNews Item
At the Senate Starting GateNews Item
Senate Tax On "Cadillac" Health Plans Raises Questions of Fairness, RationingNews Item
NC Lawmakers Admonish Blue Cross/Blue Shield for Lobbying ActivitiesNews Item
NCOIL Passes Resolution to Preserve Agents' Role in Health InsuranceNews Item
Antitrust Repeal Removed From Senate Health BillNews Item
Senate Healthcare Bill Greatly Weakens Agent InvolvementNews Item
Natural Disasters, Healthcare Reform on NCOIL AgendaNews Item
Spalding: Don't Let Healthcare Reform Bankrupt Main Street USANews Item
House Healthcare Bill Longer Than 'War and Peace'News Item
PIA Expresses Concerns With House Healthcare Reform BillNews Item
Insurers' Antitrust Exemption Threatened by Congressional ActionNews Item
Wisconsin Gov. Pawlenty Proposes Interstate Health CompactNews Item
PIA Encouraged by Provision in Senate Finance Committee Healthcare BillNews Item
Text of Senate Finance Committee Healthcare Bill Now OnlineNews Item
PIA Joins Trades In Urging Congress Against Ending Antitrust Immunity for HealthNews Item
PIA Releases Video Updates on Healthcare ReformNews Item
Biden Backs Commissioners' Role in Health ReformNews Item
Baucus Health Bill Gives Big Role to NAICNews Item
President Obama Makes His Healthcare Pitch, Republicans UnimpressedNews Item
Washington State Health Co-op Touted As Example for National ReformNews Item
Health Insurance Isn't Really Insurance, University of Iowa Researcher SaysNews Item
Obama to Address Joint Session of Congress About Health CareNews Item
NAIC Urges Individual Health MandateNews Item
Maine Sen. Snowe Negotiating Healthcare Compromise with White HouseNews Item
Auerbach: Don't Cast Insurance Industry in Role of Nay-Saying ScapegoatNews Item
NAIC: Require Health Insurance Coverage for AllNews Item
White House Rethinks How It Sells Health OverhaulNews Item
Does Seattle Health Co-op Hold Answers in Reform Debate?News Item
Sen. Feingold Says No Health Care Bill Before ChristmasNews Item
A Win for PIA Members: Agents Get Key Provision In House Health Reform PackageNews Item
Obama Signals Compromise on Public Health OptionNews Item
PIA Statement on Healthcare Emphasizes Prudent Reform, Respect for Opposing ViewsNews Item
Statement by the National Association of Professional Insurance AgentsNews Item
Bad Blood From Health Debate Spills Into House MailroomNews Item
Dem, GOP Strategy Memos Illustrate Different Visions of Healthcare ReformNews Item
Polls Find Americans' Perspectives on Healthcare Reform All Over the MapNews Item
Outlook for Consumer Protections in Healthcare ReformNews Item
State Regulators Object to Federal Health Czar, Insist Oversight Remain With ThemNews Item
Conning Still Grumbling About Distribution, Wishes Some Channels "Culled"News Item
PIA Action Alert: Tell Your Member of Congress to Get Health Care Right!News Item
Pomeroy Votes Against Healthcare Proposal in Committee, But Says Action NeededNews Item
NAIC Strongly Objects to Preemption of State Authority in Healthcare ReformNews Item
PIA President Describes "Nightmare" Healthcare Reform ScenariosNews Item
Initial Estimate by CBO Shows Healthcare Plan Adding to Federal DeficitNews Item
PIA National President Auerbach Blasts Kennedy Health Care ProposalNews Item
How Other Countries Judge MalpracticeNews Item
PIA National Resource Document: Changes to COBRANews Item
PIA Principles for Health Care ReformNews Item
Senate Republicans Oppose Government Option in Health CareNews Item
PIA Joins Industry Health Care Coalition in Signing Letter to Senate LeadersNews Item
House GOP Leaders Seek Common Ground With President Obama on HealthcareNews Item
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