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Six States Get Approval for Health Exchanges, Three More Opt OutNews Item
HHS Issues Proposed Rules, Prepares Guidance on a Producer’s Role in Health InsuranceNews Item
NAIC Blasts Proposal to Penalize People Who Buy Medigap InsuranceNews Item
U.S. Supreme Court Allows New Challenge to Obamacare to Go ForwardNews Item
Obama Administration Gives States Extra Time on Health ExchangesNews Item
2012 Election ReportNews Item
Obama-Romney Healthcare Comparison: Just the FactsNews Item
Ario Says It Would be a “Travesty” If States Don’t Set Up ExchangesNews Item
Where President Obama and Governor Romney Stand on HealthcareNews Item
PA Commissioner: “Our Producers Are Our Exchange”News Item
More States Letting Feds Set Up Health ExchangesNews Item
PIA Article: Supreme Court Decision Sends Healthcare Law to VotersNews Item
HHS Releases Final Exchange Blueprint with Navigator ProvisionsNews Item
NAIC Forms New Group for States That Don’t Like ‘Obamacare’News Item
PIA Issue Paper: Role of Navigators in the Health Care SystemNews Item
Federal Health Insurance Exchanges Being Formed Behind Closed DoorsNews Item
Oklahoma Commissioner Blasts Use of “Navigators” Instead of Agents and BrokersNews Item
Health Insurers Want Anti-Fraud Activities Exempted From MLRNews Item
Mini-Med Plans Have Big RisksNews Item
Affordable Care Act May Benefit Medical Liability WritersNews Item
PIA Reaffirms Commitment to Consumers Following Supreme Court Healthcare RulingNews Item
What Does Healthcare Decision Mean to Agents? PIA Comments in National UnderwriterNews Item
What Wasn’t Upheld by the Supreme CourtNews Item
Sampling of State Reaction to Healthcare DecisionNews Item
PIA National Distributes ‘Instant’ Analysis of Healthcare Decision to Members, AffiliatesNews Item
Supreme Court Healthcare Decision Expected Thursday This WeekNews Item
NAIC Holds Health Meeting in DC This WeekNews Item
Supreme Court Healthcare Decision ImminentNews Item
Supreme Court Ruling Won’t Change UnitedHealth PlansNews Item
NAIC Advancing Health Reform Plans Despite Pending Supreme Court RulingNews Item
$1.3 Billion in Healthcare Rebate Checks to Go Out By August 1News Item
Healthcare Watch: Supreme Court Decision Could Be ComplicatedNews Item
Healthcare Watch: What If There’s a Partial Supreme Court Decision?News Item
Healthcare Watch: Some States Scuttle Exchanges, Others Rush to Pass ThemNews Item
Vermont Senate Approves Single-Payer Health System: News Item
New York Goes Full Speed Ahead with Health ExchangeNews Item
Some States Take a ‘Wait-and-See’ Approach on ExchangesNews Item
House-Passed Repeal of McCarran-Ferguson is Gutted, May Be MootNews Item
Maryland House of Delegates Passes Exchange BillNews Item
Final HHS Rules Give States Wide Latitude on Agents and Brokers in ExchangesNews Item
North Carolina Wins Delay in MLR, PIA National CommentsNews Item
West Virginia, Virgin Islands Explore Joint Health ExchangeNews Item
Senate Bill Offering Scaled-Down MLR Exemption IntroducedNews Item
Opposition to HHS Rule on Agents in MLR GrowsNews Item
U.S. Seeks Rollback of a Health Insurer’s “Excessive” Rate IncreaseNews Item
Maryland Says Agents, Not “Navigators”, Should Market in Health ExchangesNews Item
Department of Labor Proposes New Rules for MEWAsNews Item
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