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Insurer Groups Urge Baker to Reexamine Optional Federal CharterNews Item
NAIC, NCOIL and NCSL Agree on Goals, Differ on StrategiesNews Item
Conflicts Increasing in State and Federal RegulationNews Item
Linkletter Praises NAIC, Endorses State RegulationNews Item
Alliance Urges NAIC to Move up Timetable on ModernizationNews Item
Pressure to Speed Reform Builds in CongressNews Item
NCOIL Postpones Approval of Market Conduct Model ActNews Item
House to Consider Bill to Bar Banks From Real Estate Brokerage ActivitiesNews Item
Another Congressional Hearing on Insurance RegulationNews Item
House Financial Services Committee to Hold Hearing on Insurance Regulation This WeekNews Item
States Unite to Fight Proposed OCC Banking PreemptionNews Item
Senate Hearing on Federal Involvement in Insurance RegulationNews Item
GAO Issues Report on Bank TyingNews Item
NAMIC Steps Up Efforts Against Optional Federal CharterNews Item
Supreme Court Declines PIA's Request for Cert - OCCNews Item
GAO Report Recommends Greater Uniformity of State Market ConductNews Item
PIA National Says Federal Reserve Should Clarify Proposed GuidanceNews Item
NAIC Reaffirms Commitment to Modernization, Adopts Action PlanNews Item
NAIC, NCSL, NCOIL Reaffirm State RegulationNews Item
NCOIL to Hold Market Conduct Hearings September 12 in ChicagoNews Item
Federal Reserve Issues Draft Interpretation on Tying, PIA National to File CommentsNews Item
PIA Files Reply With U.S. Supreme Court in OCC CaseNews Item
Louisiana Joins ASSURENews Item
NCOIL Schedules Hearing on Market Conduct Model LawNews Item
Modernization Through CooperationNews Item
NAIC Launches ASSURE WebsiteNews Item
NCSL Approves Statement of Principles for the Regulation of Property and Casualty InsuranceNews Item
Carriers Say Federal Class Action Lawsuits Could Supplant State Regulation of InsuranceNews Item
PIA Vows Aggressive Opposition to Hollings Bill to Federalize Insurance RegulationNews Item
Sen. Hollings Introduces Bill to Create Federal Regulation of InsuranceNews Item
NCOIL Discusses Regulatory ProposalsNews Item
NCSL Developing Statement on P&C RegulationNews Item
Oxley, Nelson Urge NAIC to Speed Action on ReformsNews Item
PIA Lauds NAIC on Decision to File Supporting Brief in Lawsuit Against Comptroller of the CurrencyNews Item
NAIC Summer Meeting Update - Regulatory ModernizationNews Item
Louisiana Flex Rating Bill to Become LawNews Item
Modernizing State Insurance RegulationNews Item
New Hampshire Passes Regulatory ModernizationNews Item
PIA Petitions U.S. Supreme Court to Overturn Lower Court Ruling on PreemptionNews Item
PIA Files a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court in OCC CaseNews Item
Subcommittee to Examine Regulation of Insurance Market ConductNews Item
South Carolina Kicks Off ASSURE, PIA of SC ParticipatingNews Item
Hearing on Insurance and State RegulationNews Item
PIA National Board Endorses NAIC ASSURE InitiativeNews Item
NCSL Task Force Holds Seventh Meeting on ModernizationNews Item
Senator Says Supporters of Federal Regulation Have Not Made Their CaseNews Item
Insurance Regulation a Key Issue for the House Financial Services CommitteeNews Item
2003 PIA Position Paper: Optional Federal ChartersNews Item
Court Asks OCC to Respond to PIA PetitionNews Item
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