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Threat to State Regulation Overturned by Court of Appeals, ChicagoNews Item
MD Insurance Commissioner Says States Must Show Benefit to Preserve State RegulationNews Item
PIA Says Spitzer Actions Demonstrate State Regulation is WorkingNews Item
PIA Endorses Military Personnel Financial Services Protection ActNews Item
SMART Looks Promising, But Devil Is in the DetailsNews Item
PIA Encouraged by Initial Draft of SMARTNews Item
NAIC Tells Senate No Need for Federal RegulatorNews Item
TRIA Moves to Front Burner in Congress, SMART May SlowNews Item
NCOIL Executive Committee Chair Says Congress Eyeing States' Premium TaxNews Item
Prospects for Capitol Hill Action in the Remainder of 2004News Item
Brevik Comments on SMART in A.M. Best, National UnderwriterNews Item
House Subcommittee Releases Discussion Draft of Oxley-Baker "Roadmap"News Item
Ten House FSC Members Sign Letter Asking for Votes to Overturn OCC PreemptionsNews Item
NCSL Adopts Policy Resolution for Insurance Regulatory ModernizationNews Item
NCOIL Working to Develop Uniformity in Market Conduct Examinations Across StatesNews Item
The Expansive OCCNews Item
NAIC Creates Roadmap to Modernize Regulatory StandardsNews Item
Oklahoma Passes Insurance Rating BillNews Item
NAIC Cites Recent A.M. Best Study As Evidence State-Based Regulation is WorkingNews Item
OCC Counsel "Surprised" By Negative Reaction to Preemption RulesNews Item
Former NAIC President Defends State RegulationNews Item
More Bills Introduced to Overturn OCC Preemption RulesNews Item
NCOIL's Market Conduct Model Clears Another HurdleNews Item
Senate Resolutions Introduced to Overturn OCC PreemptionsNews Item
Objective: Real Results, Not Purely MotionsNews Item
PIA Thanks Baker, Says Plan Mirrors Much of PIA's Approach to RegulationNews Item
NAIC Tells House Panel it Shares the Same Regulatory Modernization GoalsNews Item
PIA Regulatory Affairs Committee Actions on National StandardsNews Item
Rep. Sue Kelly Blasts Hawke, Asks GAO to Investigate OCCNews Item
State Banking Group Blasts OCC PreemptionsNews Item
2004 NAIC Initiatives and ActivitiesNews Item
Compact Comes Before State LegislaturesNews Item
NAIC Interstate Compact Advances in StatesNews Item
PIA Applauds Oxley-Baker Approach to Insurance RegulationNews Item
OCC Launches Counterattack Against CriticsNews Item
File-and-Use Law Signed in South DakotaNews Item
Former NAIC President Criticizes State Regulatory SystemNews Item
House Financial Services Committee Criticizes OCC PreemptionNews Item
Some Commissioners Want NAIFA to Reconsider Its New Policy on Optional Federal ChartersNews Item
OCC Tells National Banks: Don't Stonewall Complaints From StatesNews Item
Realtors Ask OCC for Regulation Barring Banks, Threaten Congressional OppositionNews Item
Optional Federal Charter Unlikely This Year, Rep. Baker SaysNews Item
Members of House Financial Services Committee Ask OCC to Postpone Preemption RuleNews Item
Rep. Kelly Seeks Delay on OCC Preemption Rules, OCC Says NoNews Item
PIA Article on National Standards Published in the National UnderwriterNews Item
PIA Lauds Rep. Kelly's Call for OCC to Justify Its Preemption RulesNews Item
AIG's Greenberg Supports Optional Federal CharterNews Item
PIA's 2004 Issues of FocusNews Item
PIA Blasts OCC Preemption RegulationsNews Item
OCC Releases Final Bank Regs on PreemptionNews Item
OCC to Congress: If You Don't Like Our Actions, Pass a LawNews Item
OCC Announces Banking RegulationsNews Item
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