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PIA National Applauds NCOIL, NAMIC, CSG Actions to Support State RegulationNews Item
SEC Adopts Rule to Regulate Indexed AnnuitiesNews Item
Defeated OFC Advocate Sununu Named to TARP Oversight PanelNews Item
NCOIL Plans Summit of State Officials to Fight Federal Insurance RegulationNews Item
NCOIL Commends Council of State Governments for Opposition to Federal InterferenceNews Item
NAMIC Launches National Grassroots Campaign to Protect Main StreetNews Item
State Insurance Lawmakers Commend Council of State Governments for Their Opposition to Optional Federal ChartersNews Item
Rep. Frank Sees Activist Congress, Much Legislation, Regulatory RevampNews Item
NAIC Moves Ahead With Reinsurance ReformNews Item
European Finance Ministers Reject EU-wide Supervision of InsuranceNews Item
NAIC Commends Insurance Legislators for Opposing SEC PreemptionNews Item
NCOIL to Keep Up Fight Against OFC, OIINews Item
FDIC Head Tells AIA Federal Regulation Unlikely in 2009News Item
NCOIL Opposes Federal Takeover of Indexed AnnuitiesNews Item
Auerbach to National Underwriter: Guard Against Inappropriate Federal RegulationNews Item
PIA National President Auerbach Reaffirms PIA Support for State RegulationNews Item
PCI: Industry Faces Long Battle Against "Ruthless Opponents"News Item
Congress Weighs Super-Committee for Financial Services OverhaulNews Item
NCOIL: Use State Regulatory System as Model for ReformNews Item
Financial Services Roundtable Attempts to Use Bailout to Push OFC, OIINews Item
N.Y. Commissioner Blames Deregulation for AIG's ProblemsNews Item
Regulators Inform Congress of Strength of State OversightNews Item
NAIC's AIG consumer FAQNews Item
NAMIC President: Industry Stable Despite Financial CrisisNews Item
Dinallo Says State Regulatory System Worked Well in AIG CaseNews Item
State Regulators See No Trickle-Down from AIG Parent to Insurance UnitsNews Item
Insurance Industry Remains Stable During Financial Crisis, Thanks to State RegulationNews Item
State Regulators Blast Federal Regulation Advocates Over AIGNews Item
Aon CEO, Supporter of OFC, Says State Regulators Did a Good Job in Financial CrisisNews Item
Florida Commissioner McCarty Says Leave Insurance Regulation to the StatesNews Item
Paulson's Call for Federal Insurance Regulation Dismissed By State RegulatorsNews Item
NAIC Criticizes Paulson, AIA, ACLI for Using AIG to Argue for OFCNews Item
Paulson's $700 Billion Bailout Plan Faces QuestionsNews Item
Perspective: FDR Refused Dictatorial Powers in 1933 During Great DepressionNews Item
Florida Commissioner McCarty: Leave Insurance Regulation to the StatesNews Item
H.R. 5840 Removed From House Legislative CalendarNews Item
Perspectives of a Massive Shift on Wall StreetNews Item
Congress: Don't Toss Insurance Into This Mess!News Item
NAIC's Endorsement of OII Not Unanimous, NCOIL Still OpposesNews Item
State Insurance Commissioners Speak Out Against H.R. 5840News Item
Maine DOI, AG Tell Congress H.R. 5840 Would Hurt Consumers, MarketsNews Item
Nevada Insurance Commissioner Tells Congress H.R. 5840 Would Disrupt MarketNews Item
PCI Says Preemptions in H.R. 5840 Should Be Legislative, Not AdministrativeNews Item
PIA Grassroots Action Against H.R. 5840 Continues into SeptemberNews Item
OFC Backers Repeat Questionable Assertion OFC Would Not Hurt State RevenuesNews Item
NAIFA Board Votes to Oppose SEC Proposal on Indexed AnnuitiesNews Item
PIA Grassroots Action Against H.R. 5840 to Continue Into SeptemberNews Item
Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Opposes H.R. 5840News Item
Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Announces Opposition to H.R. 5840News Item
At the Halfway Point in PIA Month, the Battle Against H.R. 5840 ContinuesNews Item
Contact Your Insurance Commissioners, Governors About H.R. 5840News Item
PIA Stands With State Insurance Legislators in Opposing H.R. 5840News Item
PIA National President Page: Federal Regulation Couldn't Win An Up-or-Down VoteNews Item
PIA's Brevik Blogs On The Hill: State Regulation WorksNews Item
State Legislators Reject Congressional Calls for OIINews Item
BestWire: NCOIL and PIA Stand For Their Principles in Opposing H.R. 5840News Item
PIA Nationwide Grassroots Alert - Stop H.R. 5840!News Item
PIA Sends Letters to Congress, State Insurance Commissioners on H.R. 5840News Item
Senate Hearing Shows Deep Division on Federal RegulationNews Item
Iowa Commissioner Voss Meets With SEC Chairman Cox on AnnuitiesNews Item
Insurance Information Office Bill Delayed Until SeptemberNews Item
Senate to Hold Insurance Hearing, Not Bill-SpecificNews Item
H.R. 5840 Becomes a Bill Enabling Federal Insurance RegulationNews Item
NCOIL Blasts NAIC For Supporting H.R. 5840News Item
Iowa Commissioner Voss to Meet SEC Chairman Cox This Week On AnnuitiesNews Item
PIA President-elect Auerbach to NCOIL: PIA Steadfast in Support of State RegulationNews Item
House Subcommittee Passes Three Insurance BillsNews Item
Mixed Messages From Treasury Secretary on BlueprintNews Item
PIA Tells Rep. Kanjorski Markup on H.R. 5840 is PrematureNews Item
Voss Wants Meeting After SEC Proposes Reclassifying Indexed Annuities as SecuritiesNews Item
Dodd, Shelby Tell Fed, SEC to Hold Off On Agreement to Share OversightNews Item
Paulson Seeks New Powers for FedNews Item
Senate Passes PIANY-Supported Interstate Insurance Compact LegislationNews Item
PIA Plan to Expand Producer Licensing Registry is Simplest Solution to ModernizationNews Item
PIA National President Comments on Proposed Office of Insurance InformationNews Item
NCOIL President Opposes Federal Insurance OfficeNews Item
PIA Roadmap to State Regulatory Modernization Well Received at NAICNews Item
ACLI Lobbyists Say Rep. Frank Will Push OFC, Frank's Staff Not CommentingNews Item
House Hearing on Bill Creating Office of Insurance InformationNews Item
PIA's Roadmap to State Regulatory ModernizationNews Item
U.S., European Union Officials Issue Joint Statement on Insurance RegulationNews Item
Fitch Ratings Says Optional Federal Charter Unlikely in Near TermNews Item
PIA of New York Testifies in Support of Interstate CompactNews Item
Treasury's Nason Back in London, Reporting on Progress of Treasury BlueprintNews Item
NCSL Reaffirms Opposition to Federal Insurance RegulationNews Item
State Advocates at NCSL Call Treasury Plan "A Wall Street Wish List"News Item
PIA National President Page: Stand By For Battle CallsNews Item
Good Article on Treasury Plan on Bloomberg NewsNews Item
NCOIL Urges Long-Term State Solutions Over Federal Quick-FixesNews Item
States Tell Congress They Can Handle Insurance RegulationNews Item
PIA of Ohio Testifies Against OFC Before Ohio HouseNews Item
NAIC Urges NAIFA Members to Overrule Their National Board on OFCNews Item
PIA Opposes Rep. Kanjorski's Proposal to Create Federal Office of Insurance InformationNews Item
PIA's Pile Testifies on NIPR Producer Licensing During House Financial Services Committee HearingNews Item
Credit Unions Get Assurances That Treasury Plan to Abolish Them Won't SucceedNews Item
U.K. Chief Regulator, Lloyd's Chairman Praise Treasury, Criticize NAICNews Item
NAIC to Treasury: Don't Put Wall Street Ahead of Main StreetNews Item
NAIC, NCOIL Presidents Discuss Treasury Report in A.M. Best PodcastNews Item
NAIC Says AIA President Racicot "Twists the Facts"News Item
Idaho Legislature Passes Resolution Against OFC, Ohio to ConsiderNews Item
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