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More Than One Million to Lose ACA Plans

(10/19/2016) At least 1.4 million people in 32 states will lose the Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan they have now. full story

Many Hurricane Matthew Victims Lack Flood Insurance

(10/19/2016) The storm killed at least 43 people in the United States. full story

Everybody Is In a Flood Zone!

(10/19/2016) “The thinking that we have to counter is ‘it can’t happen to me.’” full story

PIA Supports Overtime Reform and Review Act (S. 3464)

(10/19/2016) PIA National signed on to a letter in support of the Overtime Reform and Review Act. full story

Independence for Those Who Protect It

(10/19/2016) advertorial full story

Consumer Watchdog Rebuffed by Court

(10/19/2016) Structure of CFPB held unconstitutional. full story

FEMA Memo on April 1, 2017 NFIP Changes

(10/19/2016) Upcoming changes to National Flood Insurance Program. full story

Agent to Agent: What Really Happens When You Boost a Facebook Post

(10/19/2016) What Really Happens When You Boost a Facebook Post full story

FEMA Nuclear Exercise in Pennsylvania

(10/19/2016) To assess the ability to respond to an emergency at a nuclear facility. full story

Streamline Your Auto Insurance Quoting Process

(10/19/2016) Discover the advantages of DocIT for Agents. full story

There’s Game Insurance for College Football

(10/19/2016) Home games more likely to be insured. full story

Foo Fighters Settle Terrorism Insurance Lawsuit

(10/19/2016) Rock band settles with Lloyd's of London insurers. full story

Congress Adjourns to Campaign

(10/12/2016) Lawmakers head out on the campaign trail. full story

Who Says Insurance Is Boring? Not Millennials

(10/12/2016) Millennials are upbeat about insurance full story

New Jersey Bill Would Create State-Run Health Plan

(10/12/2016) New Jersey bill would create public option. full story

Aerial Surveillance for Auto Insurance?

(10/12/2016) Will an Eye in the Sky Collect Insurance Data? full story

CA DOI: Driverless Carmakers Need $5 Million in Insurance

(10/12/2016) Driverless car makers need $5 million in insurance full story

PA Commissioner Miller Receives Breast Cancer Award

(10/12/2016) Teresa Miller Wins Pink Ribbon Award full story

Florida Raises, Indiana Lowers W/C Rates

(10/12/2016) Workers' compensation rates fluxuate full story

McRaith: U.S. Will Not Submit to EU’s Solvency II

(10/05/2016) The United States will not submit to the European Union’s (EU’s) formal Solvency II equivalence process. full story