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Nelson: State Regulation Will Not Be Subservient to Solvency II:

(11/24/2015) Ben Nelson, CEO of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), said the U.S.’s state-based system will not become subservient to Solvency II r... full story

Congress Shouldn’t Ignore Insurance Commissioners

(11/24/2015) Antitrust attorney David Balto said Congress made a “serious mistake” in the September hearings... full story

NAIC Elects New Officers

(11/24/2015) Members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recently elected 2016 officers... full story

A Bird’s Eye View of Drone Insurance

(11/24/2015) Don’t be surprised if you find yourself heading into the Drone zone... full story

Virtual Cyber Crisis to Focus on Insurance

(11/24/2015) Crisis management firm Firestorm is hosting two, free cyber-crisis response virtual simulation exercises... full story

Few Undocumented Immigrants Get Insurance With California Licenses

(11/18/2015) Since 2013, the state of California has been making drivers licenses available to undocumented immigrants... full story

Study: Small Businesses Lack Cyber Prep

(11/18/2015) A recent survey sponsored by Nationwide shows that the market for policies covering cyberattacks on small businesses in the United States represents a potential... full story

OSHA Violation Fines to Rise

(11/18/2015) Federal penalties for workplace-safety violations will rise for the first time since 1990, thanks to a little-noticed provision of the budget bill signed into l... full story

Ohio Insurance Director: Veterans Should Consider Insurance Careers

(11/18/2015) Ohio Lt. Gov. and Insurance Director Mary Taylor is urging Ohioans who are members of the military -- both actively serving and veterans -- to consider a career... full story

Agent to Agent: Begin With a Question

(11/18/2015) If you’ve spent any time with five-year-olds, you know they ask lots of questions... full story

Property Losses Near $1.5 Billion in Texas Spring Storms

(11/18/2015) It’s said they make everything bigger in Texas. A series of storms across Texas in the spring caused an estimated $1.5 billion in property losses... full story

PIA of North Dakota Comments on Cyber Bill of Rights

(11/07/2015) Having North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm, the current president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, helping shape cyber security... full story

Average MLR Reaches 92 Percent

(11/03/2015) It is no longer necessary for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to classify agent compensation as an “administrative expense.” full story

Statement from PIA Concerning the “Bipartisan Budget Agreement of 2015”

(10/28/2015) Budget deal calls for $3 billion in cuts to the federal crop insurance program, PIA urges Congress to remove the cuts. full story

PIA Expresses Concerns With NAIC Cybersecurity Bill of Rights

(10/26/2015) The revised Bill of Rights will lead to consumer confusion by suggesting that certain rights exist when, in fact, they may not. full story

Online Cyber Attacks on Infrastructure Increasing

(10/26/2015) For years, experts have predicted a "cyber Pearl Harbor." full story

The Cost of Not Having Flood Insurance

(10/26/2015) Many South Carolina flood victims didn't have flood insurance. full story

Two More Health Co-Ops Fail, Senator Threatens HHS Nominations

(10/26/2015) Latest failures of ACA co-ops brings total to eight. full story

NAIC CEO Ben Nelson Won’t Renew His Contract

(10/15/2015) Advocate for state-based system of insurance regulation to leave CEO post full story

Huff Asks Congress to Leave E.U. Collateral to the States

(10/15/2015) NAIC President-elect asks Congress not to negotiate with European Union full story