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Every Contribution Counts…and PIAPAC is Counting On You!

You have seen the latest PIAPAC ad [below] in the PIA Connection with the rolling count of contributors to PIA's Political Action Committee (PIAPAC)....
June 25, 2004

By Kellie Bray
Director of Political Affairs
PIA National

You have seen the latest PIAPAC ad [below] in the PIA Connection with the rolling count of contributors to PIA's Political Action Committee (PIAPAC). It's exciting to see this number almost triple in the past two months.

Although this number is growing, there are still many PIA members who have not yet contributed to PIAPAC this year.

PIAPAC AdvertisementIn every issue of the PIA Connection and on PIA National's website PIA members read about the impact of federal legislation on the insurance agency system. The final passage of flood insurance legislation after 18 months of lobbying and the constant focus on optional federal charters for insurance prove that the insurance industry has a lot at stake when it comes to legislation on Capitol Hill.

When significant legislation is upon us, it is critical that we have Members of Congress who are knowledgeable about insurance-related issues and support our views. Likewise, it is important then to support candidates that support us so that insurance-friendly candidates get elected. The best way to do this is to pool together contributions from PIA members.

Often it is difficult for one person to make a large contribution to a specific candidate or multiple candidates. However, when we join together, we can make contributions that candidates notice.

So join your fellow PIA members who have already shown their commitment to PIAPAC and make your contribution today! Every contribution counts, and we're counting on you! To contribute, visit the PIAPAC page online or contact Kellie Bray, Director of Political Affairs, at or (703) 518-1364.

Chairman's Challenge Update

In March, you read that PIAPAC Chairman Robert Gyle III of New Fairfield, Connecticut sent a challenge to each PIA affiliate board of directors to reach 100% participation in PIAPAC.

Since that time, we have seen a great response to Chairman Gyle's challenge. Five PIA affiliates have 60% or higher participation in PIAPAC from their board of directors. Those affiliates include: Connecticut (78%), Michigan (86%), Mississippi (65%), Montana (67%), and Oregon/Idaho (64%).

Every affiliate reaching the goal of 100% board participation will receive special recognition at the end of the year.

To learn more about the Chairman's Challenge or to see how your affiliate is doing in the Challenge, please contact Kellie Bray at or (703) 518-1364.

Watch Your Mailbox!

Check your mailbox in the next few days and you will see how "PIAPAC Opens Doors." This latest fundraising campaign from PIAPAC is reaching out to the entire PIA membership to let members know the importance of political action.

Included in this mailing is a response form that allows you to make your personal contribution to PIAPAC. As the elections of 2004 quickly approach, there is no better time to show your support of PIAPAC!

Kellie Bray is Director of Political Affairs at PIA National.

This article originally appeared in the June 2004 PIA Connection.