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PIAPAC Opens Doors, But YOU Hold the Key!

PIA members, if you have not made your contribution to PIAPAC yet this year, you should have received the brochure "PIAPAC Opens Doors, But YOU...
August 28, 2004

PIAPAC Opens Doors on Capitol Hill for PIA Members' Interests - Your Interests

PIA members, if you have not made your contribution to PIAPAC yet this year, you should have received the brochure "PIAPAC Opens Doors, But YOU Hold the KeyPIAPAC Opens Doors, But YOU Hold the Key" in the mail recently. This brochure highlights how PIAPAC is structured and how contributions to candidates are determined.

With the 2004 elections only weeks away, there is no better time than now to contribute to PIAPAC. Of the candidates PIAPAC supported in the 2002 elections, 92% won their election and now serve in the United States Senate or House of Representatives!

As an active PIA member, you can show your support of PIAPAC and join with PIA members across the country in making the voice of the independent agent heard on Capitol Hill. Remember, PIAPAC opens the door, but it's YOU who hold the key!

Don't Miss the PIAPAC Event in Orlando!

Will you be attending the PIA National Board of Directors meeting in Orlando, Florida this September or do you live in the Orlando area? If so, you have a great opportunity to join with fellow PIA members for an evening of fun on Saturday the 11th of September. That evening PIAPAC will hold a fun-filled event at Pat O'Brien's restaurant in Universal Studios. This New Orleans style restaurant will feature fine Cajun cuisine and the atmosphere is sure to make you feel like part of Mardi Gras!

Join a PIAPAC Leadership Level!

Members of leadership levels are recognized annually.

$100  Century Club
$250  Leadership Circle
$500  Chairman's Caucus
$1000 President's Circle

Learn more about this event online or contact Kellie Bray at or (703) 518-1364.

Register to Vote!

The most effective way for each American citizen to make a difference in local, state and federal government is by voting in the general elections.

If you have not yet registered to vote, do so now! You can register to vote by completing a registration application obtainable from either the local election official in your city or county or through voter registration outreach programs. You can also register when you apply for a driver's license or identity card at the state department of motor vehicles, at state offices providing public assistance, or armed forces recruitment offices.

Your state may also offer opportunities to register to vote at public libraries, post offices, unemployment offices, or at public high schools or universities.

Make a difference in your community and your country - register and vote!

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2004 PIA Connection.