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Electing Pro-business, Pro-insurance Candidates

Get Out The Vote! Courtesy of PIAPAC, every PIA member recently received a Get Out The Vote poster in preparation for the November elections....
September 6, 2006

Kristi DeilyBy Kristi Deily
Manager, Political Affairs
PIA National

Get Out The Vote!

Courtesy of PIAPAC, every PIA member recently received a Get Out The Vote poster in preparation for the November elections.  As your final Political Involvement and Advocacy month engagement, I hope you have displayed it prominently in your agency.

Charlie Cook Predicts A Category 4 Or 5

In measuring the 2006 election climate, Charlie Cook, a leading Washington political analyst, predicts we will see a category 4 or 5 electoral hurricane this November.  He further predicts in the August 5, 2006 National Journal that, "Unless something happens to interrupt current patterns, the House will turn over and the GOP will hang on to the Senate by a thread."  It is not only Republicans that ought to be worried.  Incumbents from both parties will be facing an angry electorate.

Why "Get Out The Vote"?

With 2006 winding up to be an unpredictable election year and with many important insurance issues to come before the next Congress, we need every Professional Insurance Agent to place a vote for their livelihood!  PIA will advance the interests of professional agents on Capitol Hill but our success also depends greatly upon whom the American people send us to work with in Washington.

Americans look increasingly to their employer and colleagues for election information, ignoring the partisan messages of the political parties.  That is why we are asking you to carry the spirit of Political Involvement and Advocacy Month on into November.  Talk about the issues, support a candidate, support PIAPAC, fly the American flag, and remind your colleagues that November 7, 2006 is our national Election Day!

Do Your Homework

Proving that "business" and "GOP" are not necessarily synonymous, the GOP has enjoyed a majority in both the House and the Senate while business has not.  According to BIPAC (Business Industry Political Action Committee), business needs to pick up 4 Senate seats and 21 House seats to gain a majority.  Will they come from your district?

You can find information on incumbent voting records on PIA National's grassroots webpage /Grassroots/.  There, you will find not only information on insurance legislation but also composite scores awarded each Member of Congress from the following organizations:

National Association of Manufacturers
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
League of Conservation Voters

In addition, if your state has already held a primary election, a voter guide, including all candidates' biographies and websites, can be found on our website.  With just a few clicks of the mouse, you will find all of this information and much more!

Remember to vote NOVEMBER 7, 2006!

PIA Connection

This article originally appeared in the September 2006 PIA Connection.