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PIA Month Continues - You Still Have Time to Get Involved!

Have you done your part yet? There is still time! We are in the midst of PIA Month -- which stands for Political...
August 21, 2007

August is Political Involvement and Advocacy Month!Have you done your part yet?  There is still time!  We are in the midst of PIA Month -- which stands for Political Involvement and Advocacy. Each August, PIA members make a point of contacting their elected federal representatives during the Congressional recess and pressing upon them the importance of supporting PIA's positions on issues of key importance to agents.

This year, a primary focus of PIA's August grassroots activities is our steadfast opposition to the National Insurance Act of 2007 (H.R. 3200, S. 40) and legislation to repeal McCarran-Ferguson (H.R. 1081, S. 618). Both of these bills are bad for Main Street insurance agents and bad for our entire industry.

August is typically the time each year when Members of Congress go back home to their districts and engage in a whirlwind of activities. They attend parades, they speak at Rotary and Kiwanis meetings, they address the Chamber of Commerce…and all of these occasions are opportunities for you to get some "face time" with them and remind them that a vote for federal regulation of insurance is a vote against all the Main Street insurance agents and all of the people who purchase insurance in their district.

If you haven't already done so, we urge you to join with your fellow PIA members around the nation and get involved.  How?  There are many ways, and your PIA National has gathered the tools you can use to make an effective presentation, from talking points to issue sheets to tips on setting up meetings. There's even a way to send a quick, personal email if your schedule doesn't permit a visit.  Just see the links at the end of this item for all of these resources.

So why should you get involved?  Because this year, perhaps more than others, the forces on the "other side" of our issues are organized and spending millions. What do they want?  Some want federal regulation of insurance. Some want a so-called "optional federal charter." Some want to repeal McCarran-Ferguson. But what they really want is for Congress to give them an unfair competitive advantage over Main Street insurance agents by passing special interest legislation just for them. That's what PIA is against.

PIA National President Donna Pile has recorded a brief audio message to "rally our PIA troops." Give it a listen. Then, get involved!  Here's how:

Political Involvement and Advocacy Month (PIA Month) serves as an opportunity for each PIA member to become more active in the politics that shape their lives and to continue that involvement into the future. Members can get ideas on PIA National's website here.

District Lobbying Day is a nationwide series of in-district visits with Members of Congress, conducted by PIA members across America. While visits were centered on August 8, PIA members can visit their Members of Congress anytime before they head back to Capitol Hill. The important thing is that a critical mass of PIA members visit their Members of Congress to speak about issues important to Professional Insurance Agents. Learn how you can participate in PIA's District Lobbying Day.

Click here to take action now!Contact Congress Online: If your schedule doesn't allow for a face-to-face meeting with your Members of Congress, please take a moment to contact them through PIA's Online Grassroots Action Center. We've already created a message that can be sent via mail, fax or email. Click here to take action now. 

Let us know about your meetings and what you are doing to celebrate Political Involvement and Advocacy Month!  Fill out the online feedback form.  Your feedback is vital.