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PIA at State Insurance Legislators Meeting in Alabama

The National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) is holding their annual meeting in Point Clear, Alabama through Sunday...
November 15, 2012

The National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) is holding their annual meeting in Point Clear, Alabama through Sunday. PIA National President Andrew C. Harris is attending, along with PIA National’s assistant vice president for industry affairs David M. Eppstein.

On Sunday, November 18, the NCOIL Property and Casualty committee, chaired by state representative Steve Riggs (KY), will discuss their proposed model law addressing problems with demands for improper certificates of insurance. PIA National supports the model as drafted and opposes amendments suggested by some in the lending community that would weaken the model. PIA signed on to a joint P&C industry letter expressing our reasons why we oppose these amendments. (Link to letter.) Certificates of insurance have gained the attention of many in the insurance industry as we have seen an increase in demands for certificates that do not match the underlying policy terms or are otherwise fraudulent or misleading.

Harris testified before the legislators last year during the NCOIL summer meeting, explaining to them how this is a big issue independent agents and how the legislators can play a significant role in helping craft a solution. PIA has urged NCOIL to take action to pass a model law to address this problem.

PIA’s Eppstein to Host FOX News Commentator

NCOIL’s Industry Education Council, chaired by PIA National Assistant Vice President David Eppstein, will hold a special session featuring the co host of “The Five” on Fox News, Andrea Tantaros. Ms. Tantaros will offer her perspective on the recent elections and how the results may affect insurance regulation.

The legislators are also expected to thoroughly discuss natural catastrophe policy during their annual meeting. PIA has been working with the legislators for years offering our common sense approach. Our work with NCOIL has led to a model building code law as well as a model governing land use. We are now working on further measures that will help increase affordability and availability of catastrophe insurance. PIA National recently passed a resolution outlining our proposals and we will share this with the legislators. (Link to resolution)

Also on tap are several other issues important to agents including health reform and licensing. The keynote address will be given by Alabama Governor Robert Bentley. Governor Bentley will speak about state sovereignty and state based insurance regulation.