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Greenberg Signals He May Want to Settle With Spitzer

(7/06/2005) Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, the ousted chief executive of American International Group (AIG), may be willing to negotiate with New York Attorney General Eliot Spi... full story

Teacher Charged with Giving Passing Grades if Students Burn Car

(7/06/2005) Authorities with the Harris County, Texas Sheriff's Department allege a chemistry teacher in Houston who was months behind on her car payments gave passing grad... full story

A Victory for PIA's Grassroots Campaign - Congress Passes Fax Bill, FCC Issues Stay

(7/06/2005) PIA is praising the passage by Congress of the Junk Fax Protection Act of 2005 (S. 714). The bill restores a key exemption regarding commercial... full story

Summertime is the Perfect Time to Communicate with Your Elected Officials!

(7/01/2005) This summer while you are enjoying town parades and county fairs, remember that this is also a perfect time to communicate with your elected... full story

Check Your Mailbox - PIAPAC Information On the Way!

(6/22/2005) In the coming weeks PIA members should be receiving information on PIA National's Political Action Committee, PIAPAC. Please take time to read this important..... full story

Ohio Gov. Taft Says Workers Comp Coverage Won't be Affected by "Coingate"

(6/15/2005) Ohio Governor Bob Taft (R) announced last week he was "outraged and disappointed" by recent revelations that Ohio's Bureau of Workers' Compensation lost $215 mi... full story

Remarks Before the NAIC Forum on Competition in Insurance Markets

(6/15/2005) Mine is very much the perspective of a Main Street Insurance Agent. Despite the trend to consolidation among carriers and brokerages, our's remains a... full story

GOP Delighted, Spitzer Allies Annoyed at Potential Primary Challenger

(6/15/2005) New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's run for governor may get more difficult. Another Democrat recently confided to prominent party members that he is prep... full story

S&P Says Insurance Market Softening, But Remains Sound

(6/07/2005) The U.S. personal lines insurance sector is showing signs of entering into a softer cycle than the hard one that has dominated the industry for... full story

Romney Wants to Send "Soviet-Style" Massachusetts Auto Insurance

(6/07/2005) Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R) is out with an auto insurance proposal that would allow auto insurers to set rates up to a cap of... full story

Spitzer Files Lawsuit Against AIG

(6/01/2005) New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has filed a civil lawsuit against AIG accusing the company and former chief executive officer Maurice Greenberg of... full story

Rep. Oxley Introduces Bill to Allow Some Banks to Engage in Real Estate Brokerage

(6/01/2005) For years, there was a rallying cry to keep banks out of insurance. Now, the rallying cry is coming from real estate brokers wanting to... full story

Spitzer Presenting AIG Evidence to a Grand Jury

(5/27/2005) The Wall Street Journal is reporting that in mid-May, attorneys from the office of New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer began presenting evidence to a... full story

Texas Insurance Commissioner Montemayor to Step Down

(5/27/2005) Texas Insurance Commissioner Jose Montemayor will step down later this month to become a managing general partner of the Black Diamond Group, a merchant bank...... full story

New York Names Mills Insurance Superintendent

(5/27/2005) After spending four months as Acting Insurance Superintendent of New York, Howard Mills has the job permanently. The New York state Senate has confirmed Mills..... full story

Deal With Spitzer by Former AIG Exec Could Put Pressure on Greenberg

(5/17/2005) The recent decision of Joseph Umanksy, a senior vice president in the corporate division of American International Group Inc. (AIG) and president of A.I.G. Rein... full story

Conning Predicts Another P/C Profit for 2005

(5/17/2005) According to a new study by Conning Research and Consulting, the property-casualty industry can look forward to a profitable 2005, barring any abnormal catastro... full story

FBI Backs Off Statements of "Broad Inquiry" Into Insurance Industry

(5/10/2005) One day after a report in the New York Times quoted an FBI official as saying the Bureau was conducting a widespread probe of the... full story

Hawaii Conducts Random Health Insurance Audits

(5/10/2005) The Hawaii Department of Labor is conducting random audits of local businesses to make sure they are providing health insurance coverage to all qualified worker... full story

AIG to Restate Four Years of Financial Statements

(5/03/2005) American International Group Inc. (AIG) plans to restate more than four years of financial statements to correct accounting errors and acknowledges that in some... full story