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GAO Warns Against Bogus Health Insurance

(3/09/2004) The General Accounting Office told the Senate Finance Committee last week that more than 15,000 employers bought 144 separate bogus health insurance plans that ... full story

Driving Too Little Can Cause Auto Insurance Cancellation

(3/09/2004) Although it's not common, people can have their auto insurance policies non-renewed because they don't drive enough. Jean Anello, 44, of Brooklyn, New York rece... full story

NAIC President Calls Criticism From Consumer Groups "Unwarranted and Inaccurate"

(3/09/2004) Ernst Csiszar, the president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, has responded to a letter from consumer groups, calling their assertion tha... full story

Frozen Pipe Advice from PIA of New Hampshire

(3/03/2004) This reminder may not be useful if you are lucky enough to be a member of PIA of Hawaii - but in much... full story

PIA Advises NAIC Anti Fraud Subgroup Redrafting Premium Pass-Through Account Model

(3/02/2004) PIA and other agent trade association representatives met on February 26 with members of an NAIC Anti Fraud subgroup to edit a proposed model bill... full story

Study Finds Detroit Most Expensive, Nashville Cheapest for Auto Insurance

(3/02/2004) A new study published in USA Today illustrates that where a person lives has a big influence on how much it can cost to insure... full story

State Farm Lowers Auto Rates in Ten States

(3/02/2004) State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. said it's lowering auto rates in ten states. State Farm customers in the following states will see decreases in... full story

NAIC D.C. Symposium Focuses on Solvency Issues

(3/02/2004) The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) held a meeting in Washington, D.C. on February 23 and 24 to discuss state regulatory options to ensur... full story

NAIC President to Focus Efforts on Capitol Hill

(3/02/2004) NAIC President and South Carolina Insurance Director Ernst Csiszar says with Congress contemplating introducing legislation on federal oversight of insurance, h... full story

PIA Comments to NAIC Subgroup on Fingerprints

(3/02/2004) A Subgroup of the NAIC Producer Licensing Working Group is considering whether and how to standardize fingerprint-based background checks across the states. So... full story

Sen. Jim Bunning to Address PIA Federal Legislative Summit

(2/27/2004) WASHINGTON, February 27, 2004 - Senator Jim Bunning (R-Kentucky) will address insurance agents March 25 during the annual federal legislative summit held by the... full story

NJ Supreme Court Bars Lawsuits By Uninsured Motorists

(2/24/2004) The State Supreme Court in New Jersey has ruled unanimously that uninsured drivers cannot sue if they are injured in an accident, even if another... full story

Property/Casualty Tops Financial Sector in Customer Satisfaction Survey

(2/24/2004) Customers are most satisfied with the services provided by property/casualty insurers, as compared to other insurance and financial services-related industries.... full story

NAIC Forum Underway in Washington, D.C.

(2/24/2004) The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is holding a public policy forum in Washington, D.C. on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The 2004 Symposium:... full story

AIG Reports Q4 Profit Up Substantially

(2/18/2004) American International Group (AIG) reported a fourth-quarter profit of $2.71 billion, or $1.03 a share, compared with a net loss of $103.8 million, or 3... full story

Kansas, Wisconsin DOIs Warn Consumers to Beware of "Discount Health Cards"

(2/10/2004) Insurance commissioners in Kansas and Wisconsin are warning consumers to beware of companies soliciting discount health cards. "While these cards appear to be a... full story

CNA to Sell Individual Life Insurance Business

(2/10/2004) CNA Financial Corporation announced it would sell its individual life insurance business to Swiss Reinsurance Company's Life & Health America Inc., for about $6... full story

A.M. Best Says Pressure Remains on P/C Carriers

(2/10/2004) Underwriting has improved, but the property/casualty industry has a long way to go before strong returns can be achieved. That's the conclusion of an annual... full story

I.I.I. Issues Groundhog Day Insurance Forecast

(2/03/2004) Each year before Groundhog Day, the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) invites a panel of Wall Street stock analysts and industry professionals to issue a... full story

Ranchers Mad as RMA Suspends Cattle Insurance Program After Mad Cow Discovered

(1/21/2004) A livestock group is demanding to know why the federal Risk Management Agency (RMA) stopped sales of new policies for an insurance program for cattle... full story