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"Business Drivers" That Drive Your Business

Every company knows - or should know - that its human capital really is capital. Employees generate revenue when they...
February 10, 2006

Every company knows - or should know - that its human capital really is capital.  Employees generate revenue when they deliver services properly or information correctly.  Training is the obvious strategy that most companies employ to make sure that happens, but sometimes the cost of a class and the downtime away from the job make it impractical for employees to get the training that they - and their company - really need.  Ultimately, the company suffers.

So what's an agency to do? PIA's online CE and Professional Skills classes might provide the answer.

In an October 2005 report titled "The Four Stages of E-learning," Bersin & Associates, a leading educational technology researcher, identified the following business drivers that motivate corporate executives to get started with an e-learning program:

  • Desire to save money by reducing the cost of travel, facilities and instructors.
  • Desire to increase the number of users who have access to training by reducing barriers caused by a lack of time or funds.
  • Desire to improve the range of educational offerings by giving employees access to a wider set of programs and topics that are too expensive and difficult to offer in an instructor-led format but can be purchased and delivered online.

Online education available in many states through PIA meets all the Bersin business driver criteria and is a fast, affordable and smart way to increase the speed and scale of training at your agency.  Your employees are your "business drivers" and your greatest assets.  Give them the training they need to drive your business to new heights. 

To see if your local PIA affiliate is participating in the PIA National online training program described here and to get started, visit the online education page of PIA National's website today. To learn about other educational offerings available through your local PIA affiliate association, please visit their website.

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