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Small Investment, Big Return

- Best's Review, November 2004. "By leveraging insurer- sponsored e-learning tools, insurers and their agents have at their disposal a flexible alternative to classroom...
February 15, 2006

Gain a Competitive Advantage for Your Agency by Investing in Your Employees

"Agencies that have invested in people, technology and performance management during the hard market are best positioned to produce growth and profit."

- Best's Review, November 2004.

"By leveraging insurer- sponsored e-learning tools, insurers and their agents have at their disposal a flexible alternative to classroom instruction."

- Insurance Networking, December 2004

Insurance is a human-capital intensive business built on "knowledge workers" whose knowledge and skills determine business results.  It just makes good business sense to gain a competitive advantage for your agency by implementing more educational opportunities for your staff.  PIA can help.  Here are just a few of the business advantages available to agencies through PIA's online business skills and state-approved insurance CE courses:

  • Improved Desktop Skills - A wide range of courses are available for all office computing platforms commonly used in business today.  Your employees can learn to create more effective spreadsheets and more dynamic presentations using creative slides and commanding visuals.  In today's economy, the competitive advantage provided by clean, crisp presentations with a clear message could mean the difference between winning and losing business.
  • Increased Producer Productivity - The Gartner Group reported in a recent study examining e-learning in insurance that "online courses taken at home or in non-critical business hours can free up 5% to 10% of total production time, with direct positive impacts on premium growth."
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction - Increase your most profitable premium renewal business through customer service, telephone, time management and communications skills training for CSR's and other customer contact personnel.
  • Retain Key Employees - Skilled workers today know they are responsible for their own growth, and employer provided training is an attractive employee benefit that enables them to develop new skills, prepare for certification tests, etc.  Show your appreciation for a job well done by awarding free CE coupons to key staff members.
  • Ramp New Hires Faster - PIA's insurance CE and business skills courses can help reduce the time required to achieve fully productive and profitable employment.  You can also reduce new hire turnover due to lack of support and training.

So give your agency a competitive edge.  Make a big investment in your staff by making a small investment in PIA's online courses. Rarely will so little money reap such big rewards.

To see if your local PIA affiliate is participating in the PIA National online training program described here and to get started, visit the online education page of PIA National's website today. To learn about other educational offerings available through your local PIA affiliate association, please visit their website.


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