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How Effective Is Your Agency's Data Security Policy?

45 states have general business data privacy regulations.* Many of these states require a written security plan. Part of the implementation is the...
June 9, 2010

45 states have general business data privacy regulations.*  Many of these states require a written security plan.  Part of the implementation is the sharing of guidelines with your associates.  Many agencies feel comfortable that they have a sound data security policy in place by using one or all of the following techniques:

  • Laptop users access data through VPN or remote desktop solutions, so that laptops theoretically do not contain any personal information about customers.
  • Confidential information is only stored on computers or paper files in your office.
  • Employees and consultants are made aware of your data security policy and you are confident they are sticking to it.

When was the last time you checked that your employees and consultants were in compliance with your policy? How do you know and how do you prove it if challenged?

Agencies like Conway Insurance in Lowell, Massachusetts, are turning to Data Protective Services to monitor their agency's data security policy and better verify that their employees are adhering to it.

"Based on information provided by PIA, we recently installed the Data Protective Services on our company computers.  We now have vastly improved compliance with our data security policy and the ability to audit the location of sensitive information at any point in time.  This gives us, and our customers, confidence that we are taking data security seriously.  At about $0.20 per day per computer and the simplicity of implementation, we feel that Data Protective Services provides us with a high value compliance and data auditing capability," stated Michael Conway, President of Conway Insurance.

With low cost of ownership and no requirement for IT resources, with Data Protective Services PIA agencies can better monitor and enforce employee adherence to their agency's data security policies. DPS enables you to:

  • Monitor and audit what data is stored on any computer in your agency.
  • Correct situations not in compliance with your data security policy.
  • Lock down computers that fall into the wrong hands or are accessed by people that do not have your best interests at heart (a disgruntled employee or an agent that is leaving and going to a competitor).

Click here for additional information or to get Data Protective Services.

* The privacy laws and regulations discussed here apply to commercial endeavors generally, and are in addition to any insurance industry specific data security requirements that may apply in the states in which you do business.

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