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PIA Releases 2011 Agency Marketing Guide

The June/July issue of PIA Connection magazine was a little heavier than usual when it arrived in PIA members' mailboxes. That's because, along with the...
September 8, 2011

Second edition of association publication spotlights internet marketing

The June/July issue of PIA Connection magazine was a little heavier than usual when it arrived in PIA members' mailboxes. That's because, along with the magazine, PIA members received the 2011 PIA National Agency Marketing Guide.

The 2011 edition of the Agency Marketing Guide focuses on how agents can market their services using the Internet. It provides guidance for agents who want their agencies to be better positioned on search engines such as Google as well as agents who want to make their websites more sales focused. Readers will learn how to more effectively use mobile devices, cultivate leads and build their brand by providing insureds and prospects with useful content. All told, the publication contains more than 20 articles providing marketing advice from some of the insurance industry's premier experts as well as experts from outside our industry.

PIA members who would prefer to read the 2011 Agency Marketing Guide online may do so at This year's digital edition has been enhanced with page flipping, an interactive table of contents and other features to make the online reading experience more enjoyable.

"The Internet has greatly changed how Americans look for information," said PIA National President Fred Thomas. "Although insurance buyers overwhelmingly prefer to purchase their insurance through a local insurance agent, they increasingly find that agent through the internet. That may be through a personal internet tool, such as one of the many social media outlets where agents can build a brand and insureds can refer trusted agents to their friends. It may also be through internet tools that are driven much more by metrics and keywords, such as search engine marketing. Regardless, as a national agents association, PIA is committed to providing our members with the tools to succeed in an ever changing marketplace."

The inaugural PIA National Agency Marketing Guide, published in 2010, focused primarily on social media. The publication contained a soup-to-nuts guide on how independent insurance agents can use social media to support their agency's sales strategy. Earlier this year the 2010 PIA National Agency Marketing Guide was awarded the APEX 2011 Award of Excellence. APEX 2011, the 23rd Annual Awards for Publication Excellence, is an international competition that recognizes outstanding publications from newsletters and magazines to annual reports, brochures and Web sites.

"Today's insurance marketplace requires that agents remain nimble," said Alexi Papandon, assistant vice president of communications for PIA National. "They must be willing to embrace change on an ongoing basis. Those that do will be able to provide the conveniences and accessibility that the internet makes possible, while providing the personal attention and expertise one can only get through a local, professional insurance agent. These agents will be greatly empowered and will experience great success going forward."

The 2011 PIA National Agency Marketing Guide is the latest deliverable from PIA National's award-winning PIA Branding Program, Local Agents Serving Main Street America SM. Through the PIA Branding Program, PIA National has previously provided PIA members with print and radio advertisements, in both English and Spanish, which are made available to PIA member agencies at no cost.







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