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PIA Has You Covered Online

Whether you are looking to create an agency website or want to attract the many insurance buyers who begin their purchase with an online search, PIA has you covered...
November 20, 2012

Whether you are looking to create an agency website or want to attract the many insurance buyers who begin their purchase with an online search, PIA has you covered. That’s because PIA has partnered with Agoragate, pronounced “AGRA gate,” and Emerald. The combination of these two PIA member benefits puts PIA members in the driver’s seat when it comes to marketing their services online and creating a robust agency website that serves clients well before and after the initial sale.

Agoragate Solves the Search Engine Problem

One of the vexing problems for local independent insurance agents is the inability to rank highly on search engine result pages. Sure, prospects can find you if they search for your agency name. Maybe they can find you if they search on a generic insurance term and then add a local modifier, such as the town in which your agency is located. But what about the many searches that are conducted without local modifiers? And what are the chances that prospects will find you when they type in a common question — the kind you could easily answer face-to-face?

Enter Agoragate. Using their consumer-centric “” domain name, they are currently creating thousands of web pages (3,000 at last count) that have been optimized to rank highly in a multitude of insurance related web searches. Every time a web searcher clicks on a link to one of their Enhance Insurance blogs or articles, the Agoragate system identifies the person’s location and the type of insurance they are researching and shows the profile of a participating Agoragate agent who is nearby and sells the type of coverage they are reading about.

Say for example that a person is notified by their existing agent or homeowners insurance company that their homeowner’s insurance rates are going up. They might go online and search on the question, “Why is my homeowner’s insurance premium increasing?” Because Agoragate has already determined that this is becoming a more commonly searched phrase, they have created an informative article that addresses this topic. When web searchers read the Agoragate article (actually the “” article), they see the profile and contact information of a participating, local independent insurance agent — but only if a local agent from their area has already signed up with Agoragate.

Take a moment now to Google “Why is my homeowner’s insurance premium increasing?” One of the top results will most likely be the “” article on this topic. Click on the link. In addition to the informative article that one of Agoragate’s 22 writers has authored, you should see the profile of an agent. If that agent is not local to you (in which case it will probably be Tom Larson, the Agoragate spokes model), then no agents from your area are currently enrolled in Agoragate. By acting now and becoming an Agoragate client, you can claim a prime spot in the Agoragate system and show up on web pages covering a wide local area.

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To increase the value of becoming an Agoragate client, the team at Agoragate creates a series of local (town/city) and state web pages for all of their clients. If you’re interested in selling commercial insurance they will create articles about the general coverage term you select. Take a moment to try a Google search on “water sewer construction insurance” or “adult daycare insurance.” These are general insurance terms that will appear in the search results on Google whether or not the search includes a state or city name. Just like all of the other web pages, these pages feature local independent insurance agents who are Agoragate clients.

Last month the total number of internet searches in the United States was about 25 billion. Of these, approximately 24% were insurance related. These searches represent an opportunity for your agency to be at the point of sale at the most appropriate time. That is, when a searcher reads content on the Enhance Insurance site that is directly related to their online inquiry.

Take the Next Step.Learn more about Agoragate and see the PIA member-only pricing. Also, please join us for a free informational webinar held every Thursday at 2pm Eastern (1pm Central, 12pm Mountain, 11am Pacific).

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Emerald Agency Websites — Your Home Online

As important as it is to have a plan in place to be found online, your existing and prospective clients need a place to go to find your agency online: a website that makes a positive first impression and tells visitors that you are a solid, credible company with which they can entrust their insurance needs; a website that provides existing clients with a variety of web services and enables all visitors to request a quote from your agency.

Emerald Websites Screenshot With Callouts - picture 13 jpgThrough PIA’s partnership with Emerald, PIA members can easily and affordably have such a website. Even better, with an Emerald web site you are not at the mercy of a web developer. You’re in control! You can turn on the following features with a simple click of your mouse:

  • quote request forms (already created for you)
  • articles on a variety of topics (already written for you)
  • online newsletters (new articles posted each month)
  • interactive scenario calculators
  • online client services to lessen the load on agency staff
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • a glossary of common terms

A robust client services suite of tools is available to agents enrolled in the PIA/Emerald agency web site program. Your clients can request a policy change, file a loss report, request an auto insurance ID card, and more online, when it’s convenient for them, even if it’s outside of office hours. CSRs become more efficient and are able to assist more clients each day.

But these web sites don't just work great, they look great! Choose from dozens of attractive designs, Flash movies and branded color palettes.

Take the Next Step. To see our cutting edge agency websites for yourself and to see the special PIA member-only pricing, please visit us at

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