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"I AM PIA" Campaign Moves Into Second Month, Goes Online

PIA members around the country are continuing to proudly proclaim, "I AM PIA..."
May 6, 2015

I AM PIA  Gino Orrino (Small)PIA members around the country are continuing to proudly proclaim, "I AM PIA." The campaign shows individual PIA members talking about the reasons they belong to PIA in a series of attractive print ads in national insurance publications. As of May 1, additional ads are running as part of the print campaign and online versions of I AM PIA have been added.

The campaign is designed primarily to generate membership leads for all PIA affiliates by running ads in national publications. The leads go to each affiliate, with the affiliate then deciding how to respond appropriately to the membership inquiries. Affiliates can opt to run ads locally, too.

The "I AM PIA" ads raise PIA's public profile even further, assisting with our industry, legislative and regulatory efforts. They enhance our brand and let agents know about the many reasons that their agent colleagues have decided to say, "I AM PIA."

View this month's print ads:

Trevor Campbell
In May in Rough Notes, Trevor Campbell says when his state legislature tried to make up for a budget shortfall by unfairly taxing agencies like his, PIA stepped in and stopped them.

Gino Orrino
In May in the National Underwriter, Gino Orrino talks about how running an agency raises lots of questions and PIA provides him with valuable answers.

Online ads in various sizes began running on May 1 on the Agent and Broker section of and in the PC360 newsletter. (Our ads "rotate" with other ads on the website). View our big banner ad here.

Here is a video about the ad campaign, featuring many agents proudly proclaiming why they are PIA:

Facebook or tweet the new I AM PIA ads now using the #IAMPIA hashtag.


Enter to win a Keurig Coffee Maker! Tell us why YOU are PIA. All responses (one per person) will go into a drawing for a Keurig (grand prize) or one out of ten $20 Starbucks gift cards (second place prize) to be held on August 31, 2015.

How can you declare that you are PIA? Here are some suggestions:

Aside from being entered into our raffle for a Keurig or Starbucks gift card, your response may be published in an upcoming edition of PIA Connection or another PIA publication. Good luck!