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GE Auto Warranty Services Offers an Alternative Solution to a Reinsurance Program

(5/17/2005) Reinsurance is the business of transferring risk from one insurance company (ceding insurer) to a second insurance company (the re-insurer). Auto dealers like ... full story

PIA of Indiana 59th Annual Convention a Big Success!

(5/17/2005) Agents participating in PIA of Indiana's convention on May 12-13 in Indianapolis said that this year's event was of the best ever, with more quality... full story

20% Discount for PIA Members Advertising in the New PIA Connection Marketplace

(5/10/2005) If you are a PIA member and you have a product or service that you'd like to promote to other PIA members nationwide, you are... full story

PIA President Adams, President-elect Peretti Speak at PIA Affiliate Conventions

(5/10/2005) On May 2, Terry Adams spoke to the annual meeting of PIA of North Dakota in Bismarck. "PIA has assumed a high profile defending... full story

Changes to PIA National's MBNA Credit Card "Priority Codes"

(5/03/2005) Please note that the "priority codes" used to identify PIA National's MBNA credit card program have changed slightly. Members who want to access the credit... full story

GE Auto Warranty Services Saves Auto Dealers Time and Eases Frustration Through Technology

(4/27/2005) The GE Auto Warranty Services B2B website revolutionizes the vehicle service contract fulfillment process. The website eliminates the need for auto dealers to ... full story

Classified Advertising Now Available in PIA Connection

(4/21/2005) Have a product or service that you'd like to promote to PIA members nationwide? PIA National is proud to announce the June 2005 launch of... full story

PIA is Committed to Growth and Success

(4/19/2005) In the past year, there has been a change at PIA National. It's not subtle, and it is all for the good. Six months... full story

Next PIA National Officers Elected

(4/13/2005) The next national officers of PIA National were elected on April 10, 2005 during the PIA National Board of Directors meeting that was held in... full story

PIA 2005 Professional Agent of the Year is Nebraska's "Cap" Peterson

(4/13/2005) Carter A. "Cap" Peterson of Wayne, Nebraska was named 2005 Professional Agent of the Year by PIA National during an awards luncheon on April 9,... full story

PIA National 2005 CSR of the Year is Bonnie L. Garza

(4/13/2005) Bonnie L. Garza, CIC, CRM, was named the 2005 PIA National Customer Service Representative of the Year on April 9, 2005 during an awards luncheon... full story

PIA National Holds Committee, Board and Related Meetings

(4/05/2005) In conjunction with the 2005 PIA Federal Legislative Summit, PIA National will hold its regular spring series of meetings through Sunday, April 10. These includ... full story

Spitzer, Compensation & YOU: Whether We Like It or Not!

(3/25/2005) On March 31 PIA National will be presenting the first in a three-part teleconference series on what every insurance producer must know about the current... full story

Change to PIA National's UPS Program Contact Information

(3/22/2005) Please note that the contact information for PIA National's UPS discount program has changed slightly. Members who want to access the UPS program should call...... full story

PIA Position Papers for 2005 Federal Legislative Summit Now Available

(3/22/2005) Issue-specific position papers for use by PIA members who will attend the 2005 PIA Federal Legislative Summit are now available for download on PIANET. In... full story

PIA, GE Auto Warranty Services Offer Member Agents Business Building Tool

(3/15/2005) Under the terms of a national marketing agreement, PIA agent members can now partner with GE Auto Warranty Services (GE AWS) to market a vehicle... full story

Convalescent Home Recovery Expenses and the PIA Catastrophe Major Medical Plan

(3/01/2005) Anyone at any age can require convalescent care. That's why this is an important benefit of the PIA Services' Catastrophe Major Medical Plan. After the... full story

PIA National Director Lew Wilson Wins the 2004 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal Award

(2/16/2005) PIA National Director and past president of PIA of New York Lewis L. Wilson, CIC, CPIA was chosen by the GOP leadership as winner of... full story

Three Health Care Trends Could Mean Rising Costs for You

(2/16/2005) Lifesaving medical advances, new technologies and groundbreaking experimental treatments are splashed across front pages and TV news every day. Unfortunately, t... full story

Missouri Valley Conference Features PIA's Adams, Brevik

(2/15/2005) PIA National President Terry Adams and PIA National's executive vice president and CEO Len Brevik participated in the 42nd Annual Missouri Valley Council of Com... full story