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Online Marketing Program for Independent Agents Approaches Critical Mass

PIA has announced that its Internet marketing partner, Agoragate, has placed the 500th independent agent microsite product in its web portal...
February 5, 2013

PIA has announced that its Internet marketing partner, Agoragate, has placed the 500th independent agent microsite product in its web portal.

Agoragate (pronounced “AGRA gate”) has independent agent subscribers in 48 states, each with a microsite through These microsites are part of a vast network of insurance-related web pages that have been written by Agoragate authors to closely match the search terms that web surfers type into Google and other search engines. When a searcher lands on an web page, the profile of the nearest participating independent agent appears prominently alongside the article. That agent is positioned as a resource the web searcher can contact for more information and assistance with their insurance needs.

“When a person conducts an Internet search on an insurance-related topic, they want to be in the driver’s seat as they seek an answer to their question,” said PIA National President Andrew C. Harris. “Enhance Insurance provides them with a high-quality answer to their inquiry, and then makes it easy for them to contact a knowledgeable independent agent in their area for more information and to purchase an insurance product.”

The 500 microsite products on are just a fraction of the almost 5,000 pages of unique, insurance-related blogs and articles on the website, each optimized to match popular keywords used by online searchers. This large quantity of high-quality web pages is the reason for’s rapid ascension in search engines. Already, many local and long-tail Enhance Insurance articles and blog posts are ranking among the first results on Google, Bing and other search engines, including “Insurance friendly cars,” “Daycare insurance agent” and “Insuring an older home.”

“It’s thrilling to be a witness as this future insurance marketing behemoth tips the search engine scales and increasingly becomes a magnet for insurance-related web searches,” said PIA National Executive Vice President Ron Von Haden. “It’s equally thrilling to know that they are doing this while all the time positioning independent agents as knowledgeable, local heroes, here to guide their clients through the insurance landscape. In a marketplace that increasingly commoditizes the insurance buying process and attempts to reduce the decision down to a comparison of price and price alone, this is a breath of fresh air. Indeed, Agoragate is dedicated to helping agents develop a meaningful relationship with potential insureds.”

PIA members receive a substantial discount on the cost of the Enhance Insurance microsite products. This opportunity is being offered to PIA members as part of the PIA Branding Program. Through this program, PIA provides its members with marketing materials such as print and radio advertisements, as well as Internet marketing tools and marketing guidance.

Funding for the PIA Branding Program is provided in part by PIA’s Pinnacle Partners. Pinnacle Partners are highly regarded insurance companies that demonstrate their commitment to the independent agency distribution system and financially support the development of new marketing tools, which are made available to PIA members through the PIA Branding Program. The 2013 Pinnacle Partners are Bankers Insurance Group, Encompass Insurance, Erie Insurance, Harleysville Insurance, Progressive Insurance, QBE the Americas, State Auto Group, The Hartford and The Motorists Insurance Group.

“We know that while many people start their search for insurance online, most want to buy their insurance from a local insurance professional in their community,” notes Alexi Papandon, vice president of marketing and affiliate relations at PIA National. “Agoragate helps bring these web searchers together with local, independent insurance agents in an environment that supports both of their goals.”

Agents who want to learn more about Agoragate may visit them online at or on PIA’s website at To explore the Enhance Insurance site, visit

PIA Announces 500th Agent Microsite in Partnership with Agoragate

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