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NCOIL Ramps Up Opposition to Optional Federal Charter

(7/18/2006) The National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) is ramping up its opposition to optional federal charters. NCOIL President Rep. Frank Wald (N.D.) wrote... full story

NAIC President Tells Congress Success Rests With State Regulation

(7/18/2006) The future success of insurance supervision rests in the continued system of state regulation, according to National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAI... full story

PIA's Brevik on NCOIL Panel on OFC This Week

(7/18/2006) PIA National Executive Vice President & CEO Len Brevik will participate in an industry panel on optional federal charters, held on Saturday July 22 during... full story

Allstate's Free Gas Giveaway Prompts Accidents, Fistfights

(7/18/2006) Last week in Milwaukee, a good-natured gas giveaway got a bit out of hand. For the most part, hundreds of drivers patiently waited for hours... full story

More Spitzer Actions Brewing

(7/11/2006) New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's probe into whether insurance companies paid retirement plans to offer their investments is expected to lead to lawsuit... full story

PIA District Lobbying Day…Capitol Hill in Your Backyard

(7/11/2006) As PIA National President Ray Peretti reminds us in his monthly column, PIA's efforts on Capitol Hill must always be augmented by follow-up "back home"... full story

St. Paul Travelers to Drop "St. Paul" From Name

(6/20/2006) The St. Paul Travelers Cos. is slowly phasing the "St. Paul" out of its name. "St. Paul" is already gone from the company's marketing for... full story

NAIC Members Elect New Secretary-Treasurer

(6/20/2006) Members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) unanimously elected New Hampshire Insurance Commissioner Roger Sevigny as secretary-treasu... full story

NAIC, NCOIL to Present Joint Natural Catastrophe Plan

(6/07/2006) The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) have joined to propose a national catastroph... full story

RIMS: Insurance Costs Fall as Capacity Expands

(5/31/2006) Corporate risk managers enjoyed another year of soft market conditions in 2005 and the market shows no signs of hardening any time soon, according to... full story

U.S. Senate Bill Seeks "Honesty" in Policy Exclusions

(5/31/2006) Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) has joined with Sen. Mark Dayton (D-Mich.) to prepare a bill that would require that all insurance policies across all lines... full story

CA Commissioner Calls Hearing Into Alleged "Excess Profits" by Insurers

(5/31/2006) California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi has scheduled a hearing into alleged "excess profits" by private-passenger automobile and homeowners insurers. ... full story

PIA National President-elect Donna Pile Comments on Markets in National Underwriter

(5/26/2006) The hurricane-fueled property-catastrophe crisis materializing along the Gulf Coast has not translated into a market issue for independent agent carriers in Ame... full story

It's Official: Safeco Adds Online Distribution Strategy

(5/17/2006) Seattle-based Safeco Insurance Companies has decided to sell products via the Internet to supplement its existing -- and what it says is its preferred sales... full story

Reality Check: It's 2006, and 48 Million Americans Don't Use Seat Belts

(5/17/2006) Despite the highest safety belt-use rate ever recorded in the U.S., 48 million Americans still fail to buckle up regularly, according to a recently released... full story

NAIC e-Regulation Conference Addresses NFIP, Other Issues

(5/17/2006) More than 700 insurance regulators and industry representatives attended the seventh annual E-Regulation Conference and Information Technology Expo, sponsored b... full story

Parody of GEICO Gecko Will Not Go to Court

(5/09/2006) Both sides in a dispute over what direct-writer GEICO alleged was a misappropriation of its cartoon gecko have backed off a court challenge. GEICO had... full story

PIA of New Jersey Protests Ads in Turnpike Authority Mailings

(5/09/2006) PIA of New Jersey is protesting a pilot program under which the state Turnpike Authority is allowing GEICO and other advertisers to place ads in... full story

PIA National Young Insurance Professional of the Year Profiled in Rough Notes

(5/02/2006) The recipient of the first PIA National Young Insurance Professional of the Year Award hopes the increased recognition he is receiving will help other young... full story

Two State Regulators Hit the Road On Different Missions

(5/02/2006) Two of the nation's state insurance regulators are using speaking engagements to get different messages out. In Louisiana the message is the state is a... full story