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NAIC Producer Licensing Working Group Hears Report on Flood Agent Training

(3/14/2006) During the NAIC's Spring National Meeting in Orlando, the Producer Licensing Working received an update from Ed Conner on the Flood Insurance Reform Act of... full story

Cleveland Man Says "I'm Alive;" Social Security Says "You're Dead"

(3/14/2006) When 81-year-old Myron Manders was being released from a Cleveland hospital last November after treatment for pneumonia, he was told his insurance company would... full story

Motorists Mutual to Offer Discounts to Hybrid Drivers

(3/14/2006) Motorists Mutual Insurance Co. will offer a 10% automobile insurance discount to owners of hybrid vehicles in several states. The discount will be offered in...... full story

California Fines Michael Jackson for Failing to Provide Workers Comp

(3/14/2006) State officials in California have fined entertainer Michael Jackson $69,000 for failing to provide workers compensation insurance for workers at his Neverland ... full story

Deadline Extended for ACORD-AUGIE Survey

(3/14/2006) The ACORD-User Groups Information Exchange (AUGIE) has extended the period for agents, customer service representatives and agency staff to complete its Agency ... full story

Bill Filed in Florida Creates "Loyalty Clause" for Insurers

(3/07/2006) As the Florida Legislature convenes today, one bill already filed would create a "loyalty clause" prohibiting insurers from canceling a policy for homeowners wh... full story

NJ Bill Would Publish Names of Companies that Fail to Provide Health Insurance

(3/07/2006) Employers with 50 or more employees or worker dependents enrolled in a New Jersey low-income health insurance program would be singled out annually, under a... full story

NCOIL Resolution Supports Natural Disaster Legislation

(2/28/2006) The resolution by the Property and Casualty Insurance Committee also states that NCOIL welcomes dialogue between Congress, state legislators, NAIC, insurance co... full story

NCOIL Resolution Supports State Regulation of Insurance

(2/28/2006) A committee of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) has reaffirmed the organization's longstanding support of state regulation of insurance.... full story

Police Report Progress in Probe of Murdered PIA Agent

(2/28/2006) Police in Newton, Massachusetts say the investigation into the execution-style murder of an insurance agent who worked for a PIA agency is still active, and... full story

Buying Auto Online - Consumers Do Research on Web, Few Close Sale Without Agent

(2/28/2006) A column in this weekend's Wall Street Journal looked at the impact that the Internet is having on the sale of auto insurance, noting the... full story

Last Chance to Complete ACORD AUGIE Survey

(2/28/2006) If you haven't yet completed the AUGIE survey, there's still time. Results from the ACORD User Groups Information Exchange (AUGIE) survey will help shape... full story

Pennsylvania Halts Participation in NAIC Fingerprint Database

(2/22/2006) Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Diane Koken has halted her department's participation in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Digital Finger... full story

NCOIL to Review Market Conduct Initiatives

(2/22/2006) Lawmakers at the upcoming NCOIL meetings will hold a special session to review viable NCOIL market conduct reform initiatives. Specifically, an NCOIL Market Co... full story

NCOIL to Address Catastrophe Plan, Reform Steps

(2/22/2006) State lawmakers from across the country will examine a draft catastrophe plan and decide on the next steps to take on insurance reform, as the... full story

Donelon Sworn In as Louisiana Commissioner; Predecessor Wooley Joins Law Firm

(2/22/2006) Former Louisiana Department of Insurance deputy commissioner Jim Donelon has been sworn in as insurance commissioner. He succeeds J. Robert Wooley, who resigned... full story

PIA EVP Brevik to Present During NCOIL Panel

(2/22/2006) On February 25, members of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) will participate in a general session on state building codes, including the... full story

Guess Who's Making a Movie About Insurance - Michael Moore

(2/14/2006) The insurance industry will be getting some additional media exposure in the future, and it's a fair bet that the added publicity won't be good.... full story

Be a Part of the PIA Circle

(2/10/2006) Part of the benefit of being a member of a national association like PIA is the opportunity to band together with individuals in the... full story

PIA Files Fingerprinting Comments With NAIC

(2/08/2006) PIA National submitted another round of comments in advance of the NAIC meeting February 5-8 in Naples, Florida. The communication expressed concerns about deli... full story