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PIA's Young Insurance Professionals Plan to Do a Lot More!

The momentum continues to build in PIA's efforts to outreach to young insurance professionals throughout our industry and to get more young people involved....
December 1, 2007

By Kellie Bray
Assistant Vice President, Federal Affairs
PIA National

The momentum continues to build in PIA's efforts to outreach to young insurance professionals throughout our industry and to get more young people involved. For many years, this outreach has occurred on the state level, with many PIA affiliates involved in different ways. While these local efforts continue, many YIPs are starting to take their place on the national stage.

It started two years ago with the creation of the PIA National Young Insurance Professional Award. Since then, a lot's been happening.

PIA National held its first Young Insurance Professionals' Networking Reception during the 2007 PIA Federal Legislative Summit. This event provided an opportunity for YIPs in attendance to meet and network with their peers from around the country.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and in the months since our first event, great strides have been made to increase the visibility and involvement of young professionals throughout the organization.  There are several new activities and programs that have been created in addition to PIA National's already-existing YIP activities.  All of this means one thing - it's a great time to be a young agent!

YIP Advisory Committee

The PIA National Executive Committee recently approved the formation of the YIP Advisory Committee. This new committee will meet for the first time on Wednesday, February 27th immediately preceding the Federal Legislative Summit issues briefing. All affiliates are encouraged to bring a young insurance professional to the Federal Legislative Summit and attend this YIP Advisory Committee meeting.  Even if an affiliate doesn't have a formal YIP program, we urge someone from each affiliate to attend - everyone is welcome!

Donna Chiapperino, past president of the New York Young Insurance Professionals and the current Treasurer of the PIA of New York Board of Directors, will serve as the chairman of this committee. The meeting will be an opportunity to share ideas as well as generate momentum for those affiliates that would like to learn more about forming or developing a YIP program of their own. The group will also discuss issues such as the development of a PIA National YIP website and the recruitment of young people into insurance.

Annual YIP Reception

Plans are already underway to hold another YIP reception during the 2008 Federal Legislative Summit. The reception will be held on Wednesday evening, February 27 at the Marriott Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, the headquarters hotel for the PIA FLS.

Young Insurance Professional of the Year Award

2008 will be the 3rd year that PIA National has recognized an outstanding young professional in PIA by awarding the PIA National Young Insurance Professional of the Year award.  The award will be presented during a gala awards luncheon on Saturday March 1, again at the Marriott Crystal City. This award is sponsored by Rough Notes magazine.

YIP Representative on PIA Insurance Foundation

Since the work of the PIA Insurance Foundation encompasses issues that are highly relevant to young insurance professionals, the Foundation has invited a YIP representative to serve as a member of the board of directors of the Foundation. Donna Chiapperino from New York will be serving as the YIP representative to the Insurance Foundation, elected to a one-year term.

Articles in PIA Connection by YIPs Around the Country

Look for upcoming articles in the PIA Connection authored by leaders of PIA affiliate YIP programs around the country.  These articles will provide insight into the activities and projects that YIPs take on in various states.  If you are interested in contributing to this series, please contact Kellie Bray.

Updated PIA National Website

In order to share the message of the work and accomplishments of young insurance agent programs throughout the national association, the YIP Advisory Committee, in coordination with PIA National staff, will be working on a portion of the PIA National website to be dedicated to young insurance professionals.  The YIP website will be a repository of information and idea sharing for PIA members everywhere.

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, please contact Kellie Bray at or at 703-518-1364.

Kellie Bray is Assistant Vice President of Federal Affairs for PIA National.

PIA Connection

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2007 issue of PIA Connection.

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